* Swiss based medical device manufacturer of infusion technology for the ICU and oncology. Structuring and development of sales organisation worldwide.


* Project management for a Swiss based medical device manufacturer of an innovative and new medical device for the ICU. Sales of the complete project to a venture capital company.


* Development of a sales organisation worldwide for medical devices used in the ICU, neonatology, emergency and transport.


* Development of a sales/Service organisation worldwide for a Liechtenstein based company with development and manufacturing of components and devices for the optical data storage, semiconductor and microsystem technology with a focus on photolithography. Specification of new products.


* Evaluation of local representations worldwide for a Swiss based manufacturer of modern foodservice equipments.


* Development of a sales organisation for an Austria based manufacturer of individually designed induction cooking suites for the professional application. Marketing activities in creating sales literature and manuals.


* Board member for Intersurgical a UK based medical components and device manufacturer with diverse production places, subsidiaries and more than 3'500 employees.